Role: Concept and design

Agency: Self

I have always been interested in optical illusions and simple visuals that convey different meanings. Or how a dimensional object like a ribbon can be expressed with only a few lines drawn in the right way. A few years ago I became inspired by the apple game Monument Valley. It brought me back to math class in middle school, learning about M.C. Escher. I started to think a lot about how much our senses define our perspectives. In the game you might be walking on a pathway but then you realize you aren’t on the top, but instead you are on the bottom. How much of what we know to be true is just a confused signal in the brain? I studied impossible objects a bit more and decided that I needed to make an impossible S for myself. It took me an entire Saturday to wrap my brain around it. Recently I decided I enjoyed the challenge enough that I would try to make an entire word, making sure to follow the same patterns of the S. It felt like I had to find the answer, dig it up or dissect it to have it revealed instead of creating it as I wanted. Or perhaps that is just be part of the illusion.